Marisa Hodson


As a business, you try to put your best foot forward, doing whatever you can to impress clients and retain colleagues. But if your office carpet looks shabby, then you’ll struggle. Stains and ingrained dirt could permanently put off customers, even if your products and services are second-to-none. 

The data back this up. Research suggests that people form first impressions in under a tenth of a second. And their opinions are sticky – meaning that they carry them with them for a long time, making them hard to change. 

Unfortunately, many businesses put off carpet cleaning because it’s a professional task and difficult to carry out in-house. 

But it turns out that once you put carpet cleaning on a regular schedule, it can bring tremendous benefits to your enterprise. Here’s how it helps. 

It Supercharges Your Brand Image

What’s the first thing that comes to a customer’s mind when they walk into a grubby, dirty and musty premises? 

The answer is fear. 

They worry that your environment is a reflection of the quality of your products, getting you off on the wrong foot before you even begin your sales pitch. 

Cleaning your carpets and getting rid of any unpleasant smells can, therefore, put people at ease, setting you up for a sale. It can also dramatically enhance your brand.

It Promotes Hygiene At Work

Your employees spend so much time at work so they want their environment to be pleasant. But if you don’t clean your carpets regularly, you’ll struggle to keep the atmosphere fresh and clean. 

Carpets are notorious for collecting all sorts of nasties. Their soft, pliable bodies provide the perfect backdrop for bugs, mould, skin flakes, poop, germs, grime, and allergens. Practically everything that can move in, does move in. 

What’s more, regular vacuuming won’t undo the damage. That’s because many of these objects are trapped in the deeper layers. In many cases, the only way to extract unwanted particles permanently is to use professional commercial carpet cleaning equipment. 

It’s a necessary job, but once you do it, the atmosphere of your office changes. Workers feel more comfortable, slashing turnover and, hopefully, enhancing productivity.

It Makes Customers More Likely To Buy From You

You know that your grubby carpets don’t have anything to do with your products and services. But your customers don’t know that. Instead, when they see shabbiness, they use it to judge if they should use you.

Naturally, you want to maximise your ability to make sales. So getting your carpets cleaned regularly could help increase your conversion rates.

It Lets You Cut Down On Costs

Lastly, dirty carpets aren’t just unsightly, they’re also a major source of depreciation. When people walk on them, the action of their feet causes ingrained particles to rub against the carpet’s fibers damaging them. As this process continues, it makes the carpet more matted, forcing you to replace it earlier. 

However, regular commercial carpet cleaning lets you bypass this issue. It removes grime before it has a chance to do damage.