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Marisa Hodson


Are you wondering how often you need to clean the carpets in your home? This article provides the answer to this question as well as why it’s important.

Everyone wants to ensure that their home looks picture perfect. It’s important that dust and dirt don’t build up around your property. As well as looking unsightly, it can cause health issues. If you have carpets in your home, they can trap dirt and dust, leaving it to build before it becomes noticeable.

You might think that the question of how often you should clean your carpets has a simple answer. However, it does depend on a variety of factors including your lifestyle and your family. So, let’s dive in.

What’s The Standard Time You Should Clean Carpets?

Typically, it is recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned at least every twelve months. There are a couple of reasons for this. According to Australian Standard 3733, you need to ensure that your carpets are cleaned at least every 12 months.

Many carpet manufacturers also advise that you clean your carpets at least every 12 months if you want to keep your warranty.

The simple explanation for this is that if you clean your carpets regularly you will ensure that they remain in the best possible condition and avoid issues with wear and tear for longer.

What Factors Mean You’ll Need To Clean Your Carpets More

There are a few factors that will mean you will need to clean your carpets more frequently than every 12 months. For instance, you could have children. Having children in the home means that dirt and spills are far more likely and they might occur in places that you don’t notice. You’ll also have an increased level of foot traffic with kids running around your home.

Due to this, it’s recommended that if you do have children you should get your carpets cleaned every 9 months. However, if you think that spills are happening quite frequently then you may even want to consider halving this time.

There are various signs that your carpet needs professional treatment including discoloration.

If you have pets, you might also need to clean your carpets more frequently. For instance, you might need to think about getting them professionally cleaned every 6 months. The reason for this is that pets can cause more issues with your carpet. Pet hair can be a nightmare to remove and some pets may have further issues.

For instance, your pet could be incontinent. If this is the case, then they will cause more damage due to issues with urine and faeces left on the carpet.

On other hand, if you are living alone or as a couple then you could just clean your carpet every two years. This will be the case if you are looking after the carpet and vacuuming regularly to remove any excess dirt.

We hope this helps you understand everything that you need to consider when deciding how often your carpets should be cleaned.

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