In a city as picturesque as Hobart, Tasmania, every corner offers a new visual delight, blending historic charm with the beauty of the natural landscape. Among these visual treasures are windows that frame views so stunning they deserve their own social media spotlight. From historic facades to contemporary designs, here are the top 5 most Instagrammable windows in Hobart, guaranteed to inspire likes, shares, and perhaps a visit.

Selection Criteria

Choosing the top 5 was no easy task in a city brimming with photogenic spots. Our criteria focused on uniqueness, the story behind the window, the view it offers, and, of course, its photogenic appeal. These windows are not just about what’s on the other side of the glass but also about the stories they tell and the history they hold.

The Top 5 Instagrammable Windows

  1. The Henry Jones Art Hotel
    • Why It’s Instagrammable: This window combines history with modern luxury, offering views of the old harbor through its charmingly rustic frames. The play of light through these windows at sunset provides a perfect backdrop for photos.
    • Location: Hunter Street, facing the Hobart waterfront.
  2. The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Conservatory
    • Why It’s Instagrammable: The conservatory’s windows present a lush, vibrant view of exotic plants contrasted against the structured beauty of the glass and iron frame. It’s a green oasis that seems almost otherworldly.
    • Location: Queens Domain, near the Tasman Bridge.
  3. The Peacock and Jones Restaurant
    • Why It’s Instagrammable: Nestled in a historic sandstone building, the windows here frame Hobart’s bustling waterfront, capturing the essence of the city’s maritime heritage and vibrant culinary scene.
    • Location: Argyle Street, in the heart of the Hobart waterfront.
  4. The Cascade Brewery
    • Why It’s Instagrammable: Offering a view through Gothic arch windows over Australia’s oldest brewery gardens and Mount Wellington, this spot combines architectural beauty with a lush, natural landscape.
    • Location: Cascade Road, South Hobart.
  5. Battery Point Sculpture Trail
    • Why It’s Instagrammable: While technically not a single window, the trail offers numerous vantage points through quaint windows and openings in historic fences, offering glimpses of the River Derwent and the charming cottages of Battery Point.
    • Location: Starts at Salamanca Place, winding through Battery Point.

Honorable Mentions

While the top 5 stand out, Hobart’s charm ensures there’s no shortage of beautiful windows. Notable mentions include the windows from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, offering a peek into both history and natural beauty, and the panoramic windows of the MONA ferry as it crosses the Derwent River.

Photography Tips

When capturing these Instagrammable windows, consider the following tips:

  • Lighting: Natural light is your best friend. Visit during the golden hour for soft, warm lighting.
  • Reflections: Use window reflections creatively to add depth to your photos.
  • Angles: Experiment with different angles to capture both the window’s details and the view beyond.
  • Story: Try to convey the story or mood of the place through your photo, adding a caption that shares a bit of history or personal reflection.


Hobart’s windows offer more than just views; they are frames for the city’s soul, capturing its history, beauty, and vibrant culture. These Instagrammable windows not only provide stunning backdrops for photos but also invite exploration and appreciation of the city’s unique charm. So, grab your camera, and let Hobart’s windows guide you to discover the stories and sights that make the city truly special.