Although no amount of cleaning can perfectly restore damage such as burns, sun fading or heavy traffic wear, our skilled team can remove the majority of stains without fuss with the proper application of our specific stain removal products and subsequent cleaning.

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What you need to know to prepare for our visit.

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General Information

  • Please call us on 6236 9444 if you are unable to attend your booked appointment. This allows us to offer your appointment to others who require our services.
  • In most cases you will receive a reminder SMS the day before your appointment.
  • You will also receive a call or text to advise you if we are running behind on the day or to advise you that we’re on our way and how far away we are.
  • Payment is required on the day of our service. Mobile EFTPOS facilities are available. Please be aware that EFTPOS payments will incur a surcharged calculated by the EFTPOS terminal at the time of purchase and is dependant on the type of card you use.
    • EFTPOS and Debit Credit Cards $0.23
    • Visa or Mastercard Credit Cards 0.91%
    • We can provide you with our bank transfer information on the day. Payment must be confirmed on the day of our service.
  • We now offer Afterpay and Zip Pay as a payment form. A surcharge also applies for this payment method. This is currently 6%
  • Please ensure the driveway is clear of vehicles as we will require close access to the property.
  • Children will need to be supervised closely as there is potential for harm to occur if they are unsupervised.
  • Please ensure pets are secured prior to our attendance as the door will be open during the service.
  • We will require access to a working tap. Either an outdoor tap, a laundry tap or similar.
  • Please give your carpet a thorough vacuum prior to our attendance. This will assist with obtaining the best result.
  • It is a good idea to also pick up toys as well as other items that may be scattered on the floor. These include shoes, clothes, waste baskets and the like. If you have floor lamps in the rooms, remove them also so that they are not in the way. When it comes to drapes, bedspreads and dust ruffles, be sure to secure them up high so they are out of the way.
  • It may be a good idea to remove fragile or breakable items. Knick-knacks and collectibles, particularly if they are breakable may be damaged during the cleaning process if they are left in harms way. It is a good idea to remove them and put them somewhere safe.
  • We don’t move lounge suites, recliners, beds, electrical items, bookcases or heavy items as the risk of injury or damage is too high. If you wish for the carpet under these items to be cleaned, please arrange to have these items removed prior to our attendance.
  • Please ensure any furniture moving is finalised prior to our arrival to reduce the risk of falls.
  • If you have any particular areas of concern please point them out to the technician when we arrive. These include stains or high traffic areas that are of particular concern to you. Pointing them out will allow us to pay special attention to these areas and treat them before doing the full clean.
  • We use steam cleaning (hot water extraction) for our carpet cleaning. The carpet will be damp, not wet, when the service is complete. You can walk on the carpet with clean feet, however, you will need to be careful when moving from the carpet to a hard surface as there is a risk of slipping.
  • We also offer a full range of upholstery, mattress, tile & grout cleaning and vinyl cleaning. Ask us for a quote.
  • Keep a clear path to the windows that need to be cleaned. It doesn’t happen often but areas that are used for storage such as basements and garages often have a collection of items or shelves that are in the way of the window.
  • Remove small breakable items from the immediate area that we are working in. We are very happy to move these things for you but if we can eliminate the chance of breaking something then we can all breathe easier.
  • Pull out small furniture such as end tables, computer tables, etc… Keep in mind that there is almost always at least two technicians on a job site at all times. We are happy to move any furniture that we can safely move.
  • Pull back or remove drapes or blinds. To further this topic, at the time that your windows are cleaned is an excellent time to clean the dust from your curtains and blinds. This goes a long way especially after a long winter where dust is allowed to accumulate, when spring comes and you open up those windows that dust will start to recirculate around your house.
  • Flyscreens….

Other Services We Offer

Commercial Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning of tile & grout and vinyl using our truck mounted hot water extraction equipment

A full range of upholstery and mattress cleaning.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration.

Hoarder cleanup

Trauma Cleaning

Deceased Estates


We have used Abels Cleaning & Restoration several times, for domestic windows, carpet and upholstery cleaning. They have done a wonderful job each time. Their staff arrived on time, were friendly and respectful and did a careful and thorough job. I highly recommend them.


I would highly recommend Abels Cleaning. Fantastic job and in good time. Carpets are now up to scratch. I will be booking them again in 6 months’ time. A good carpet cleaning business.


Very impressed with Abels. They attended to mould remediation which was caused by a leaking pipe. Turned up on the same day they were called, treated the area, dried it out and removed all mould and odour. Full report with videos and photos provided.


Have used this company & have no hesitation in highly recommending them. We used ables for 6 weeks after my wife had a C section to clean our house. Have also used them to clean my carpets in my old house.


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